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How much lead time do you need to create the cake?

For small cakes, 1 to 2 weeks advance notice is fine. However, for large wedding cakes, 6 months is recommended. For short notice we try to accommodate if our schedule  permits. . 

Many of my guests have food allergies. Can you do cakes that are egg free, gluten free, and nut free?

Of course! Just let us know dietary restrictions when you are selecting the cake flavors and we can accommodate your guests’ needs.

Do you deliver the cakes?

Specialty Cakes will deliver and set up the cake for any venue within a 100 mile radius of our bakery in Warminster, PA.

Will you provide a drawing or sketch of the cake design before you begin work?

We will provide a rough sketch and go over all of the information with you to ensure that we are creating your cake exactly the way you want it.

How many people can I bring to the consultation?

We recommend limiting the group to no more than 3 adults. We don’t recommend that you bring children along. If the cake is for them, the surprise is so exciting.

My son wants a Mickey Mouse cake. Can you create this?

Due to copyright laws, Specialty Cakes cannot use licensed characters or images on their cakes unless they are in the public domain. Let us help you find alternatives that will meet your needs.


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