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Like No Other Fruit Cake You’ve Ever Had

Fruit cakes come in many varieties, from a rich and moist cake to a pound or sponge cake with some fruit. Ever since fruit or nuts were added to some form of dough the evolution of today’s fruit cake began. Today the fruit cake takes center stage at weddings in many parts of the world or is sliced, boxed and given away as a gift to the guests. Since fruit cake has a long shelf life it is easily transported without fear of spoilage.


I was first introduced to fruitcake as a child and have been in love with it ever since. Very early on I realized there was something very special about this particular cake. It was served at Christmas time or at very special occasions. At Christmas time, families baked several fruitcakes in varying sizes to give away as gifts. Very soon our family would be the recipient of many such gifted cakes. As I grew older, just by looking or tasting a cake, I was able to predict who the giver of a particular cake was. It was so much fun slicing these very special delicious cakes and serving them to our family and friends to enjoy with a hot cup of cream tea or over a glass of sherry or brandy, as the adults preferred it.

Christine’s Absolutely Superb Fruit Cake

This is the traditional English Fruit Cake that is served at weddings and very special occasions. It is made with the highest quality cherries, a variety of raisins, Hawaiian  pineapple, a blend of other fruits and spices, rich creamy butter, aged with our secret blend of liquor topped with a rich coat of marzipan and elegantly covered with a layer of satin smooth fondant icing.

Try the unique flavor of this exceptionally delicious and moist fruit cake which is covered with a layer of rich marzipan (delicious almond paste) and finished with a satin smooth fondant icing.

  • 3 1/4 lbs.(approximate weight)

  • Cake comes fully gift wrapped for holiday gift giving (wrapping varies)

  • Only $60.00 (plus shipping and handling) 

  • Cakes are shipped anywhere in the Continental U.S. and Canada

  • Cakes are available from Thanksgiving through the holidays while supplies last

To order a fruit cake for a wedding or special occasion please make your request at least 6 weeks prior to your event. 


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