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Inviting friends and family over to tea is an age old tradition in many countries around the world.

Christine, the owner of Specialty Cakes,LLC  has fond memories of many lovely tea parties. It was a way of life for her growing up, weather it was at the elite British boarding school she attended or at home where she remembers her mother hosting delightful tea parties. Almost all special occasions were celebrated by throwing a grand tea party. There would be a variety of dainty sandwiches and savories, mouth-watering cakes, pastries and lemon tarts. A beautiful crystal bowl complete with a mouthwatering trifle topped with whipped cream. Stewed fruit in custard, loads of dried fruits and nuts and of course plenty of hot tea served in her mother's best china.

Tea was offered to anyone that popped in for a visit. Stopping your day for afternoon tea was a must, the rest of the day simply could not go on without it or at least that's what it seemed like. The simplest of afternoon tea was accompanied by a plate of biscuits, ( cookies ) buttered bread with jam or a savory of some sort that kept one going till dinner time.

Christine offers an Afternoon Tea service for all occasions. Wedding and baby shower teas are the rage now and Christine assists her clients every step of the way.Call her and she will show you how delightful your next occasion can be.


There is a minimum number of guest requirement for a complete tea party.


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